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The Best of the Bodyline Bar

With the Bodyline Bar being launched in sync with the 2017 Ashes Test, SACA Members have enjoyed the full benefit of the exciting new facility throughout the season.

The space was built to fill a need in the Members’ Enclosure for an internal ‘premium’ space for members to enjoy.

According to feedback, SACA members have particularly relished being able to use proper glassware in the bar, with a spectacular panoramic view of Adelaide Oval, the opulent and historic feel of the furnishings and of course the memorabilia from the never-to-be-forgotten Ashes Test at Adelaide Oval from the controversial 1932-33 series.

Remarkably, the year of SACA’s tribute to the most controversial series in Test history also became the year Adelaide Oval surpassed the highest crowd numbers previously held by the Bodyline series.

Spectacular panoramic views from the Bodyline Bar. 

Positive feedback was also received from members in regards to the ballot system as a means used to allocate use of the Bodyline Bar during key events, eliminating any additional charge to members.  For international matches, members were given the opportunity to submit their interest in various time slots available on each day.

“We anticipated a strong demand for the Bodyline Bar, so the decision was made to introduce a ballot system. We felt it was important to allow members an equal opportunity at gaining access to the bar,” said SACA Chief Executive, Keith Bradshaw.

For the final two days of the Ashes Test and for BBL games, the bar was available to members on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

SACA Members enjoy the service – and the glassware – in the Bodyline Bar. 

The unveiling of the Bodyline Bar and the new Karen Rolton Oval facilities over the past season are two examples of SACA’s commitment to its members and to the growth of the game of cricket.

“It’s safe to say that SACA’s vision for the Bodyline Bar to become a vibrant space of international standard has been realised,” SACA President Andrew Sinclair said.

“With Adelaide Oval already holding a reputation for exceptional charm, this further development well and truly puts Adelaide Oval on par with the MCG and the Long Room at Lord’s.”